9th - 12th of February 2017
Verona Fairgounds
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    Wooden construction in its most specific and defining sense will remain the distinguishing field at Legno&Edilizia. The spotlight will be on the leading

    producers of structures and materials for wooden homes and manufacturers of wood processing machinery, as well as all of the other players involved in designing and building environmentally friendly constructions.

    As usual, Legno&Edilizia will offer a comprehensive overview of the entire wooden construction industry, from initial handling of timber (trading, imports, distribution and sawmills) to processing machinery and accessories for optimizing individual components.

    • Timber: imports, distribution and trading • Wooden frameworks for civil uses and public systems • Wood carpentry: beams and panels • Machines and tools for the use of wood in construction • Wood for working, semifinished goods, formwork and frames • Prefabricated wooden homes and external structures • Safety systems • Software, certification and design firms • Fastening systems • Wooden walls • Sawmills.


    The first new addition at Legno&Edilizia 2017 will be a whole area especially for wooden flooring. The aim is to present a comprehensive, exhaustive range for architects, construction firms and private individuals. Interior design schemes will help to bring out the best of flooring featuring all kinds of forms, woods and finishes, including solid wood, laminated wood and panelling.

    The goal behind the area is to raise awareness of the products and their performance and characteristics, as well as the best way to fit them, using the best fastening methods and products for the foundations and the environment. A key contribution to the topic will unquestionably be played by outdoor flooring.

    • Technical and industrial flooring • Ceilings, staircases and wooden panelling • Door and window frames • Production machines • Treatment machines • Environmentally friendly stains, varnishes, fillers and glues • Parquet flooring • Insulation materials.


    Roofing and coverings have always been a key part of Legno&Edilizia. Nonetheless, it is important to give even more prominence to architectural features that play a crucial role in the construction of private and industrial buildings, from the classic sloping roofs with tiles to laminated or solid wood roofs, for both rebuilding after extensions and roof repairs and renovations.

    • Roofing and coverings • Traditional and green, organic finishes • Insulation materials, sheets and accessories • Trusses and glulam • Attics • Panelling • False ceilings in general.


    An essential new addition at Legno&Edilizia 2017 will be a specific focus on the world of doors and windows.

    Doors, windows, frames, production machinery and installation accessories play a crucial role in the design and construction of buildings in both structural

    and aesthetic terms. By raising the profile of this field, Legno&Edilizia 2017 aims to boost the visibility not only of wooden constructions but also of all the

    wooden components that are used in traditional masonry buildings.

    Wooden doors • Wooden windows • Components and accessories • Wooden and wooden/aluminium doors and windows • Frames • Coverings for doors and windows • Dormer windows and skylights • Frames for pocket doors.


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